Philosophy Mountain Workshop 2019

March 8, 9, 10, 2019 | The Coachman Hotel | South Lake Tahoe, California


Friday, March 8

  • Session 1 (3:30-5:00pm): Carla Merino-Rajme (UNC), 'Felt Flow', with comments by Maya Eddon (UMass).

  • Session 2 (5:30-7:00pm): Hanti Lin (UC Davis), 'Pursuit of Platonic Tethering to the Truth: An Outline of Learning-Theoretic Epistemology', with comments by Branden Fitelson (Northeastern).

Saturday, March 9

  • Session 3 (3:30-5:00pm): Laura Ruetsche (Michigan), ‘Scale-dependent Ontology: Some Baseless Speculation’ with comments by Nina Emery (Mount Holyoke).

  • Session 4 (5:30-7:00pm): David Plunkett (Dartmouth), ‘Conceptual Truths, Evolution, and Authoritative Normativity’ with comments by Raul Saucedo (CU Boulder).

Sunday, March 10

  • Session 5 (3:30-5:00pm): Jason Konek (Bristol), ‘The Art of Learning’, with comments by Gordon Belot (Michigan).

  • Session 6 (5:30-7:00pm): Jonathan Gingerich (King’s College), ‘Freedom Beyond Choice’, with comments by Seth Yalcin (UC Berkeley).


Seth Yalcin (UC Berkeley), Raul Saucedo (CU Boulder), David Plunkett (Dartmouth), Nina Emery (Mount Holyoke).