About the Philosophy Mountain Workshop

The Philosophy Mountain Workshop is a small workshop held annually in a mountain location. The goal of the workshop is to allow philosophers working on a wide range of topics to discuss work-in-progress in a supportive and collaborative environment. In order to keep the workshop relatively small (<15 people total) attendance is by invitation only. The organizers plan to rotate the group of people invited each year to give different people an opportunity to attend.

Each year there are six papers presented at the workshop over the course of three days. The format of the workshop is pre-read, and authors will be asked to give only a brief (~10 minute) presentation at the beginning of the session before turning to comments and general Q&A. Everyone coming to the workshop will be expected to attend all of the six paper sessions and to have read all of the papers ahead of time.

The organizers don’t have any external funding for this workshop and do not plan to apply for any. They want to keep the workshop low-key and not affiliated with any particular funding body or university.  Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses. There is also a 50 dollar registration fee, which helps to cover the cost of the venue.

For more information, contact one of the organizers: Seth YalcinRaul SaucedoDavid Plunkett, and Nina Emery